You know the feeling. You’re staring at the screen and the words don’t want to come. Too many other jobs are screaming at you for your attention. This morning I went for a long walk and then made bread and a cake for the weekend. I got a few other household chores out the way too. This weekend I want to get ahead of the game. I have plenty of editing and writing to do. So hopefully when I’m back in my seat tomorrow the words will find me. Have a great weekend All.

What about you? What projects do you have on the go?


  1. Your photos from the walk are beautiful. I edited a short story yesterday plus typed up and submitted notes for another author’s story I beta read. Today I am prepping for our monthly writing group meeting that takes place tomorrow, and I’m almost done with the first draft of my first novella of 2021.:-) I hope you have a writerly and wonderful weekend, Paula!

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  2. Great to hear from you Paula! I know the feeling and I hope you have a wonderfully productive weekend. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best. I just finished my 4th set of edits in two weeks for Steve Cawte and Impspired. He’s doing a collection of 31 of my stories based on the first 31 elements of the Periodic Table (32K words, 145 pages). It’s called “Periodic Stories” and I very excited about this project. But where do these typos keep coming from!! LOL!! Take care…

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