With the soon to be released new Women of Horror Vol 3 anthology The One that Got Away by Kandisha Press

I thought I would explain how I came to write my story for this particular collection. The Last Thread was inspired by a dream I had. Yes, I do have really weird dreams. My husband is very understanding about them, which is good otherwise I might have found myself wearing a nice white jacket with the fastenings at the back. 😏

When I discovered what the theme was for this collection I decided I would write a sci-fi story. I enjoy thinking outside the box. I think horror can be so much more than graveyards on a moonlit night with howling winds and pounding rain. We are brought up believing that horror stories should have certain elements.i.e. Ruined church, dilapidated house, a deep dark wood, a car that breaks down on a deserted road deep within a forest, and maybe a strange hotel where there’s one light on in a top floor window. The list is endless.

What about the real every day horror we face in our lives? You know the trips to the dentist, or the doctor’s appointment. Are our fears less scary than pure supernatural horror?

Our early ancestors had real horrors of the natural cycle of life. From birth to death the darkness of not understanding what was happening to their bodies, minds or souls created the right atmosphere in which supernatural tales and magic was created.

Science has sterilised our world and has taken away many of our fears to the point where we see less horror in our day to day life. Having the ability to turn on the lights to keep the darkness at bay allows us to see there are no ghosts.

Though I do think they would return quite quickly if and when society breaks down such as during wartime or with this pandemic 😷 We are after all just animals that cannot see in the dark.

The Thread has two plot lines and a twist. Society is no more for the human race we are just travelers in space. My main character is Fulton he is alone in a rust bucket of a spacecraft, making a living however he can. He’s upset a few people he shouldn’t have done, and is on the run, but as the story unfolds we realise things are not always what they seem.

Fulton is a bit of a gambler, but now his luck has run out.

If you are interested in reading my story The Last Thread please check out the links below to purchase a copy of The One That Got Away. These are individual Retailers:



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