I’m so excited I have just written my first thousand words of my new novel, As the Crow Flies. The book is the follow on to The Funeral Birds so if you want to have a taster please either download the ebook or buy a paperback. This will introduce you to the main characters.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this book since the middle of last year. Yesterday, I played about with another writing project a short story (7k) for an anthology. I sorted out the plot line and wrote the opening paragraph, then rewrote it, and rewrote it again trying desperately to find the tone of the piece. Unfortunately I wasted a day of not writing anything much, though I did two lots of washing, ironed some clothes, made a fruit crumble, hoovered the house all while I tried to work out the opening of the story.

This morning when I sat down to write I decided to focus on my new novel. I was amazed to find the words flow so easily. Yes, a thousand words aren’t much for a days work, but I had a few other things to do. I do like to edit as I go along. My original story line has already changing. Originally the new character found the item when he tripped and fell, but in the opening scene I wrote this morning he tells darker tale of how he came by the item. I think this is a much better opening.

Tomorrow, I look forward to writing more. Granny is happy to be back watching over my shoulder as I tell her tale.

As the Crow Flies: the journey has begun


  1. Congratulations on making a start to your new novel, Paula. I’ve found the beginning often times the hardest part. Now you are off to the races and here’s wishing you all the best of success as you begin the process of writing “As the Crow Flies”. I wish you all of the best on this amazing journey.

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  2. A thousand words is great, Paula, there’s many a day when I don’t manage that. And thinking time is important too. I’m really looking forward to this next book in your series!


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