What are your plans for next year? Okay, so we can’t plan holidays abroad, not even to visit places in our own country unless you’re living somewhere untouched by this pandemic. Myself and my family live in an area that is in tier four. No mixing indoors or moving outside our area. Okay, there are some who don’t care about rules, or don’t think they apply to them. I’m not one to live dangerously when it comes to my health. I just don’t see how you can complain about others if you’re not following the rules yourself. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, my writing gives me all the escapism I need. Writing and reading are the ultimate in escapism. You can go anywhere be it outer space or the deepest of oceans. You can time travel or relive many lives.

So now I’m busy thinking about my next novel. The story is all mapped out and the characters are waiting in the wings to take centre stage. First I must complete the editing on my vampire novel over the next few days. Then my husband and I will read through it before I return it to my publisher.

I have a short story to finish editing to sent off for the Bridge House submission for their Christmas 2021 anthology. I’m also planning to write a second novel for the second half of 2021 too. I want to really push myself with my novel writing and hope that my writing style will be enjoyed by both publishers and most importantly readers too, but we will see.

Here’s hoping 2021 gives us more joy than sadness. And all those who have lost their homes and jobs will have a brighter New Year.

So dear readers, let me know what you’re planning for 2021, or do you just go with the flow?

I’m off to do some editing and I’m hoping that 2021 is more new writing as most of this year has been editing for me. 😂📚


  1. So you’re editing a short story, editing a vampire novel, and you have two new novels to write in 2021? Busy lady! I’m cheering you on!

    I have a wasp novel sitting in limbo on my computer. It’s set in China which has become a touchy subject for many because of the pandemic, so . . . limbo. My haunted house novel has gotten no bites. But I’ve gotten encouraging feedback from short stories (and sold one). So there seems to be a skills gap between my short stories and my novels.

    Perhaps I should write a novella, applying the skills I’ve learned in writing short stories to slightly longer fiction. Perhaps I should write three novellas before I try a novel again. Perhaps I should write three related novellas.

    So in January I am plotting three related novellas while studying prose and structure styles.:-)

    Is that a charm bracelet with your book covers in miniature? If so, that’s COOL!


    1. Yes, the bracelet is a gift from my son and soon to be daughter in law. Isn’t it wonderful? Saves me having tattoos on my wrist that I was going to do 😂.
      Priscilla I started with writing short stories. Slowly you will discover you can write longer stories that become suitable for a novella or a novel. Go for it. Plenty of markets looking for novella

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    1. I agree. Until it hits their family and they see their loved ones suffering then they will understand. I’m not willing to take a chance. I do understand if a loved one has cancer and make not make it to next Christmas, but to put your whole family and friends at risk. I’m just glad I don’t have to make that choice.
      I’m like you. I want to get back to a virus free world and the only way I see that happening is to play my part. I missed seeing my son, but instead very had a long chat with plenty of laughs over the internet. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Hi Paula. Happy holidays and Happy New Year to you and here’s wishing you all the best of success in 2021! Here’s what’s happening for me: My short story collection “Resilience” will be released very soon through Bridge House Publishing. My collection of flash fiction and drabbles entitled “Short Stuff” will be released in early 2021. My dystopian novella “Something Better” will be released in late January or early February by Paper Djinn Press. I also just sent in a query for a Single Author Collection through Bridge House for another collection of 35 short stories. Plus, I always try to have 10 short stories that I’m working on in various phases of editing. So 2021 looks to be good year for me! Now, if we can just get through this pandemic!!

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  3. Hi Pricillia! Nice to see you. Yes, this is my first novella. It started put as a monthly posting in the World of Myth online magazine as a series and took on a life of it’s own. It’s not “Grapes of Wrath” but I hope people find it entertaining! LOL! 🙂

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  4. I’m not planning on writing another novel next year. I already have three early draft novels under my belt, and don’t need to write another yet. So instead, I’m going to get the one I wrote in 2020 perfect, do the same for the one I wrote in 1998, and the same again for the short novel/novella I wrote over the winter of 1993/94. Sprinkle in some new short stories, and that’s going to be my 2021. Oh, I might actually do my other job too.

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