Normally during the last week in November I make a Christmas newsletter to send out with my cards, but not this year. The reason being I couldn’t find the template I use on my computer. This was frustrating for two reasons. One, I had set myself a deadline I’m trying hard to keep so I didn’t have the mindset to start from scratch and create a new newsletter template. Two, after years of telling friends and family who are not on social media about my near misses as far as publishing goes, I had amazing news to share with them about three books I had published this year. So instead I just wrote out a bunch of cards and sent them off.

This morning as I was cleaning and polishing my walking boots, I received a FB message from my friend Ana to say she wasn’t walking so I sorted out my two cats, prepared the dinner for this evening, uploading and posted today’s chat and had my breakfast. I was just settling down to start work when I received a knock at my front door. A man from the electricity board wanted access to my garden. As we have a sub-power station in our garden he is a regular visitor once a year. He asked how I was getting on with my writing. I explained that I had three books published this year. He said after he had sorted out the job he needed to do, he would give me a knock to get the details.

So I dash upstairs and began to write down the details cursing that I didn’t have any printed cards. I took an gamble and switched on my printer. Hunted for my file and couldn’t find it. I did a main search on my computer and found an old one, but I was certain I had redesigned a new one with all of my recently published books on. I tried another search and found not only the updated business cards but my newsletter too. Too late for this year, but hopefully next year I’ll have lots more to tell.

I hastily printed off one of the business cards and took it down to the gentleman who has promised me he would not only buy Stone Angels but leave a review too. So now I have printed up some cards ready to hand out. Next week, after a year of not going to my dentist because of Covid they phoned me yesterday to make appointment. Again I was asked about my writing. I shall take along a copy of my book and my newly printed cards.


  1. Glad you found your files in time, and it sounds like you’ve made a few sales. Well done! Do you print your cards yourself? They look great. I’ve only got a b/w printer so printing my own is not an option.

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    1. Yes, I have a program I bought some time ago loaded on to my main computer. This way I can print up a limited amount and updated as and when. It can be more expensive to do it this way, but I prefer it to having them made by a company. I learnt my lesson by printing too many at once. Now I only print a few at a time, hence the reason I ran out. Normally when going to the goth festival I print about 50 to hand out. All my details are on the back of the card.

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