I’m not one for begging or asking for help, but today I am. The sales on my collection of short stories are not good. I have been so focused on my novel I’ve neglected Days Pass Like a Shadow. Yes, I am to blame as I couldn’t afford to market both books at the same time.

I feel I’m failing Gill James who has helped so many new authors and writers. She gives them a voice and a chance to put one foot on the publishing ladder to success, but to make this happen she has to dig deep into her own pocket and never charges her authors. Gill is always honest about how much it cost her and she gives us a breakdown in the cost of each book she publishes. I’ve let her down badly by my lack of sales. As a publisher of course she hopes the sales of the books will pay back the money she has invested, as well as paying the authors their royalties too.

Please help me make more sales, so my publisher Bridge House Publishing can help more new writers as my book pays back what it has cost Gill to publish it. I’m also in need more reviews too, so if you know of anyone who loves meeting a wide range of interesting characters then please share this link with them.
‘Days Pass Like A Shadow’ has an interesting array of dark characters who are never quite what they seem. The book is ideal reading matter just before bedtime, but you may want to keep the light on while you turn another page.
Thank you so much 😊

Please check out this review to find out more about the stories within Days Pass Like a Shadow. Thank you so much. ❤️

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