Last weekend my publisher, Darkstroke Books did a free weekend where some of their eBooks were available to download for free. So I thought I would give it a go, and let Stone Angels join the promotion. The idea behind making the novels free to download is the eBooks earns money via the number of pages turned on Kindle.

I decided to invest some of my husband’s hard-earned money into paying for promotion for Stone Angels. Being new to this I wasn’t sure where to start or what sites were best to invest in. Most sites seem to be in America. As my book sales are low there, I decided to first start with an American site called Fussy Librarian. Many of the other writers at Darkstroke Books have spoken about using the site so I thought I would start with them first. Plus, and most importantly they were within my price range.

On the Free-To-Download weekend I wrote a blog post advertising the fact my novel was available to download for free and shared it over several Facebook sites, on LinkedIn and of course Twitter. It is hard to know whether any of the social media sites do help to generate sales. One thing I did do was use my village Facebook page to let everyone know that they could download my novel for free. Several villagers let me know they had and were looking forward to reading it. Of course, it would’ve been nice if they had bought the book, but here’s hoping that they will read it. Using Fussy Librarian did help as at the end of the weekend Stone Angels had 1,274 downloads.

Yesterday I decided to sign up to a second site that does marketing and promotions called Book Cave. The site says it can introduce your book to 235,723 readers. I found it surprisingly easy to sign up to, and have paid for three days. They also market your book with a film type rating so your readers know what they are getting.

Click Cover to see what rating Stone Angels got

You fill in a form and submit your book. Then wait to see whether they will accept it. To get a rating you have to answer a series of questions about the amount of swearing, nudity or violence which might be in your novel. If you have selected the wrong category for your novel they will let you know too.

I will let you know how well Book Cave worked their magic over Stone Angels after the next Free-to-download weekend. For now I must wait and see whether Fussy Librarian brings me any extra reviews and rewards, but my outlay in marketing means I’m already spending my earnings before receiving them.


  1. Thanks Paula, your marketing journey is REALLY, REALLY helpful and insightful. I did try the free download of Stone Angels on Amazon but it didn’t work. I have now ordered a copy! Sending you the best vibes for substantial global sales through cyberspace.


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