Google photo of Harewood House.

When I go into rooms like the one above I want to find the oldest book in the room and hold it. I want the ghosts of the people that have held it to speak to me across the decades. I have several old books in my own collection and I would love to meet the people who have owned them.

To me the magic of books is throughout the ages people have respect the knowledge within and taken care of them. This is why so many amazing books have survived today. Books of magic spells portrayed in fairytales and used by witches and warlocks were simple books that other couldn’t read. In the future maybe kindles and iPad will be viewed in the same way, as access to the information contained within them isn’t available to others.

While ebooks do have a place in today’s world they do needs to have a hard copy available too because there may come a time when access to the internet isn’t available or you’re not able to recharge them. A book can be opened by anyone. The words within can be decoded. Unlike a Ebook that no one can hold and will never have its own past or future. No ghosts to tell its history, no hands to turn its pages, no name hastily scribbled in the first, or marked with.

Within the pages of my book collection I find little notes and bookmarks. These tell me something about the people who once owned them. I have the whole family history of the Duck family. From births to death spanning across centuries. William Duck born Thursday morning March 19th 1809. I know he went on to marry and have children of his own.

Sad to think Plain Bill Duck died so young.


  1. My Dear Paula! This is a beautiful, heartfelt post! There is literally nothing like the wonder of opening and enjoying an old book! The scent, the texture, the joy of reading the signatures and personal notes, and of connecting with the souls who have enjoyed it in the past, are wondrous indeed! And then there are also the connections being made with those who will enjoy our signatures and notes in our books in the future! Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures with us! I wish you an excellent rest of your weekend!

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