I may only have one child, a son, but being a child from a household of four siblings I know a bit about sibling rivalry. This year I’ve had three books published as you all know. First was in February and was novelette called The Funeral Birds which has done extremely well and I received my first royalty payment this week. Okay, so my husband and I are not about to change our lifestyle just yet, but it is lovely to know my writing is worth readers paying to read it. My novelette has received 15 reviews too. This has helped build my confidence as well as giving me an insight into what readers like about my work. All positive so far.

Many readers have asked when is The Funeral Birds going to become a novel. The answer, very soon. I just have three projects that I need to finish in the next couple of months and then Dave, Joan and Granny Wenlock will be solving more mysteries again.

The next book I had published was in June. Days Pass Like a Shadow is a single collection of thirteen dark tales and is made up of stories that I’ve had published since 2012 though some have never been published before.

Within the pages of Days Pass like a Shadow the thirteen dark tales cover the theme of death and loss. At the centre of each story is a beating heart. For the reader to make the journey to that centre, along the flowing veins of the words, all they need is a few minutes during a lunch break, or at the end of the day. The reader is introduced to a rich and diverse collection of characters – a gardener, a serial killer, a time traveler, a sleepwalker and many more.

On the Streets of Kabul, which is set in Afghanistan, a soldier faces a life-threatening situation while searching for his missing comrade and childhood friend among the narrow alleys. Perfect Justice finds a secretary planning a murder. Shelved takes a reader into the unusual librarian’s office, while Burning the Midnight Oil has a son uncovering the truth about his dying mother.

So all the reader has to do is put their feet up, relax with a cup, or glass of their favourite beverage and begin reading… The Meetings.

Days Pass Like a Shadow has only received two reviews on Amazon so far but here’s a link to an in-dept review of my collection.

My much neglected book.


So after neglecting Days Pass Like a Shadow I’m trying to make up for it by writing this post today. I can’t let Stone Angels get all the attention. As usual the middle child never gets their fair share of love and attention for the parents.

If you do buy a copy, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or even your blog and let me know what you think . Thank you.


  1. Hi Paula. I have “Day’s Pass Like a Shadow” and I’ll push it to the top of my queue and start reading it soon so I can write you a nice review. Congratulations on such a successful year!! 🙂

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  2. You have a U.S. Amazon review, too. Weird how the Amazon reviews don’t connect. It’s a good collection. I think my fave is “Rat Trap” because you get a sense of the wonderfully scary dread that shows up in Stone Angels.

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