There I was happily writing a new post every day as I took up my publisher’s Darkstroke Challenge. Things were going well until I got up to day four and then… Yep, life stepped in.

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On Wednesday my friend David came over to help me make a video for my Stone Angels book launch for the 11th August. As it was a nice sunny day we were able to sit in the garden. Once we had made the video, I needed to edit it. Though, I feel I have mastered editing my writing, editing a video isn’t something I’ve ever done before. First I purchased an editing program off the net. PowerDirector 18 Ultra seemed to have everything I needed to produce the video, I wanted. Of course it won’t be perfect. A little rough around the edges as it is the first time I’ve edited a promotional video.

I had to watch a few videos on YouTube to understand how to use the program. First I had to free up more memory on my computer by deleting my photos. These I moved onto my main computer. Once I had enough memory to run the program I set to work. I wasn’t sure whether I was doing it right, but I was only using a copy as I kept the original one on my camera card.

Once I had added my publisher’s logo and some special effects and music, I was happy. Next problem was it was too large to send to David via messenger. The same problem loading on to YouTube. I looked to loading it onto another site only to find you had to pay.

I would’ve be quite happy to pay but having just spent £79.99 on the editing program, plus another £26.00 on an external memory box to keep all my photos in, I felt we couldn’t afford any more outlay this month, especially as my husband car need a service. As I’m not earning any money from my writing I have to be careful.

Here’s hoping that the launch of Stone Angels bring about a turning point in my writing career and I can start receiving a return in my investment into my writing.

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  1. Thanks for this, Paula. I think you’re amazing for all the effort you put in. If rewards are based on efforts, then I’m sure you’ll hit the jackpot! I haven’t attempted videos yet, it was enough of a challenge just doing promotional images for social media, so I take my hat off to you. Good luck with the launch of Stone Angels, I’m really looking forward to reading it.


    1. If you use Windows 10. Click on photos and then video editor, Penny. You then click on new project. A box will appear with name your video. Write in the name of your book. In project library, you will see a blue box with the word add & Plus sign +. Add here all the pictures and photos you want to uses. You can add more if you need them later on. Once you’ve add your photos into your project box, you drag the ones you want into your storyboard bar at the bottom of your screen.
      In your storyboard there’s a box that says add title card. This goes at the found of your photos. You then click on the word text and you’ll be taken to another screen. Here you’ll be able to add a title to your screen.
      Next you’ll need to enlarge the duration of your opening screen and all your boxes you’ve adde. You can add text to all your photos to tell your story here too.
      I found it easy to use and made all my book trailers using it.
      Here a link on YouTube where it show you how to use it.


      1. Thanks for this very comprehensive reply, Paula. Alas, I don’t use Windows 10, as I have a Mac. I’m sure there is an equivalent available on Macs, just haven’t had the time to track it down!

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      2. You must check it out. I found that even a simple book trailer is satisfying to make and is quite easy to upload on to your amazon author’s page. It’s just another tool in your promotional box.


      3. Always check on YouTube for how to videos , Penny. There’s lots of helpful information on how to do things. Watch a few as some are better than others.


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