Within Fiction Real Life Exists.

Now my crime novel Stone Angels has been signed off by the publisher and my job apart from promoting it is done, I’m now busy focusing on writing my second crime novel. If you have read my crime novella, The Funeral Birds you will be familiar with the main characters already. As I’ve already stated writing a novel will allow me more scope. I’m looking forward to developing backgrounds for my main characters, especially Granny Wenlock.

Bradwell Church, Essex

I’m one of those writers who likes to do a bit of research before I start writing. Yes, my story is totally fictional, but the world in which my characters live, work and breathe is real, or at least must be real to my readers.

In my new W.I.P there are three timelines. Granny’s story begins in 1651. Her specialist knowledge of plants and herbs along with her ability to be able to read and write put her at a disadvantage among the uneducated. Of course at this time in English history there was a war raging.

Even though it was known as The English Civil War it began in Scotland and spread throughout Britain. King Charles was the first royal to rule over both England and Scotland.

Up until now Britain had been a peaceful and prosperous country that was embracing new ideas in science, art and thinking. People wanted to change from the old ways of governing the country to a more modern way. Some wanted religious reform, while others wanted reform in how we traded but most importantly many wanted constitutional changes.

During this time of chaos when the country’s economy nosedived as the King ruled the country without a parliament for eleven years. He had raised the taxes to support his war with Scotland. This put a strain on the people who were already suffering hardships and the growing tension between the two religious parties.

It was during these difficult times while famine, disease and fear was rife as apocalyptic omens appeared everywhere two religious fanatical men stepped out of the shadows in a remote corner of Essex and began their campaign. These notorious men became known as the witchfinders as they began to interrogate women and accuse them of witchcraft. This triggered the most brutal hunt in English history.

Wise Women suffered the most.

Now I have a real sense of time and place for one of my timelines, I can begin focusing on the second. This time is more modern and is in living memory. Now all I need to do is work out how to join up the dots as I bring the distant past and present together for Dave and Joan to solve a mystery. Hopefully we will learn more about Granny Wenlock too.

Have a great week, and I’ll catch up again with you soon.


  1. It’s so interesting to read about your writing process, Paula. Thank you for sharing!! Your new look on your website looks fabulous, by the way. And I don’t believe I’d seen the cover of Stone Angles before. I love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jim. I’m feeling very nervous about the sales of Stone Angels. I’m not sure how the preorders are going. Once the book is available it will be better and I will have places to sell it. At the moment I’m marketing my novella and single collection.


  2. Have a great week as well, my dear friend! I wish you the best of success as you work to bring your timelines together–and you will! Sending hugs and lots of Rays of Sunshine your way! TTYS!


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