I’ve been rather busy over the last few days trying to think outside the box as far as marketing my three books. I checked out a site that’s supposed to connect authors to readers, but as you can imagine this comes at a price. It saddens me to think that there’s always someone out there ready to make money off other people’s dreams.

Stone Angels

This has set me on a new challenge. If I can teach myself how to write to be published, then I can teach myself to market my books without spending large sums of money. Most books these days are advertised using book trailers, so I made three. These are simple slideshows. For the first one The Funeral Birds, I used some royalty free clip art, as I felt the tone of my novella leant itself to a slightly humorous cartoonish slideshow. For my collection of short stories, Days Pass Like A Shadow, I decided to show a picture for each of the thirteen stories and add a question to reflect each tale. For my dark crime novel Stone Angels, I decided to illustrate the blurb in a series of cleverly selected pictures.

To make the slideshows I used the Microsoft Photo program in Windows 10. It’s a simple easy program with plenty of options and with the added bonus of having music and special effects too. I found it was easy to upload onto the internet too.

As my writing style is dark and I love anything Gothic from fashion to architecture my husband and I went to a local cemetery to do a photo shoot. I’m normally the one behind the camera so I do find it uncomfortable to be in front of it, but I needed some new pictures. Lucky for me my husband is a patient man and was willing to spend all day if necessary to get the right shot.

Have a great weekend and we’ll chat again soon.


    1. Thank you. I’m just glad my husband is a patient man. He had to take quite a few photos to get the ones I liked. I’m not the most photogenic person. Though being a Goth helps. 😂🤣😂

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    2. I might have been happier if I could have my haircut, but at least I’m still alive and kicking. My hairdresser has emailed to say they should be open in July, but she will of course have quite a few ladies wanting her to cut their hair.


      1. We have the same problem in the States. My friend has been cutting her own hair. My husband and I have been cutting each other’s hair. Fortunately, none of us have fashion cuts.


  1. Some great advice here about making a book trailer, Paula, thanks. I have a Mac though, so I’m not sure what the alternative would be for the Windows Photo. I’ll have to do more research!

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