Supply and Demand. If there’s a market and you have what it needs then you’re one step ahead. Hmm, but how do you know whether you have what the market needs. This is when you need to create a new need. The market must want what you have on offer.

Take the gamble. Does the market need another crime writer? Does the market need more books or authors? We’re back to the question about supply and demand. I think it’s about points of view. Readers are always looking for something new. When a writing style becomes familiar to them, and they can guess where the author is taking them, then this is when they begin to look around for a new writer. I know, as a reader this is what I did. Remember, there’s something intimate about the relationship between a reader and an author.

It’s exciting when you first meet. There’s that hook in those first few words, you share. You realise there’s a vibe that won’t let go, just another sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, then you must really break it off, until the next time you can have a few stolen moments. ‘Don’t worry, I will return, and pick up where we left off.’ You love the flow of their words. Their style. You get them, you feel safe as they carry you along on a journey of discovery. You can’t wait for the next rendezvous. Will it be as good as the last? You pre-order your next encounter. You count down the month, the weeks, the days… then the book arrives.

You plan everything for that intimate moment together. Soft light, wine, uninterrupted time. Just their words, your fingers caressing the pages. Your heart racing as the journey begins. Line by line, emotions in free fall. As you climb the peaks of tension and smoothly descend. A knot grows in your stomach as you will them to keep the flow and and excitement going to the very end. Then horrors of horrors, it’s all over. You toss the book aside as you are left unfulfilled. The magic is over! You’re disappointed and begin to look around for a new relationship. That’s when a new author can give the reader the excitement of something new, something undiscovered.

But… Yes, there’s always a but. It is the gamble of not knowing whether your book is going to find it place in a crowded market, full of other shiny new authors all wanting that intimate relationship with a reader. This is the area I’m going to have to step into and rise above. I’m in a good position as I already have a crime novella out there. The Funeral Birds was published by Demain Publishing in February. All signs are looking good as far as selling and reviews are going. The novella is like a taster to my future readers, as I’m not asking them to invest a huge amount of their time into reading a novel. So far the reviewers of The Funeral Birds all are in agreement that I need to write a novel using the same characters as in the novella.

The Funeral Birds: A Murder, a Witch and nesting Owls

So now, I have two problems. First, my new crime novel Stone Angels isn’t like The Funeral Birds as it is a much darker novel told from a serial killer’s point of view. The Funeral Birds is a dark humorous crime novella about a failing investigation agency, a witch, and a pair of nest owls in a ruined church.

A book seeking an intimate relationship

Oh and before I forget, my second problem is the Dave and Joan book isn’t written yet. That’s what happens when the unexpected catches you off guard. I do hope you will keep me company as I tackle the next apart of my writing journey.


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