For three year in a row my story has made it into the Waterloo Festival Short Story Anthology. This year’s theme was Transforming Communities. I had read an article about cobalt which is a silver-White magnetic metal that is used in our phones, cars and anything that uses a rechargeable battery. Cobalt is as precious as gold. It is only found in a small area of Africa and is sometimes mined by children and women. The area is so wealthy, but the people are so poor because they aren’t paid a living wage for the dirty, dangerous job they do.

Waterloo Art Festival 2018

A few days ago Gill James of Bridge House Publishing sent all the winners an email asking for a short video with us reading an extract from our piece. I spent most of this morning trying to make the video. Goodness knows how many retakes I did. Then when I finally made one I was happy with, I ran out of memory on my iPad. After clearing enough memory space I tried several more times to get one right. But this time I found I couldn’t send the file via email because it was too big. So once again, I had to cut out all the book promoting I hoped to include and reduce it down to just reading my extract of Cobalt Blues.

Waterloo Art Festival 2019

Then I had to try many times until I reduced the file small enough to send via the email. By this point I was getting fed up with the sound of my voice. I just hope Gill feels its good enough to use. I shall share the link with you when it’s available to see. Now it’s back to editing my novel Stone Angels. Have a wonderful day.. Keep Safe.


  1. Congratulations on making it into the Waterloo Festival Short Story Anthology for the third year in a row, Paula! I’m very happy for you! It’s a true testament to the continued dedication you have toward your craft, and I wish you many more successes to come!
    In regards to your video odyssey, transmitting video by email is the doom of creativity as you’ve discovered. I work with video on a daily basis, so if you’re interested in finding out how to easily transmit videos of any size without using email, I’d be honoured to PM or video chat with you at any time. That way, you can maximize your video creativity and send any file size you wish! Please take care, my dear friend, and have a great day!


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