I love the village where I live. It has an interesting history. Created by a Francis Henry Crittall, a man who was before his time. He was part of the garden city movement. He wanted his workers to live in modern dwellings with ample garden, with playing fields for recreations and amusements. A real businessman with a heart of gold who knew the real heart of his business was his employees. The village was created in 1926.

Silver End, Essex. taken in the 1930’s

When he built the village, after buying the land in the 1890’s, he employed men coming back from the First World War who were disabled to build the houses. Anyone who worked for him were entitled to a house and a job once the village was built. He made plans for the village to have its own hospital too. There was three farms to supply fresh food, a Co-op shop, bakery, hardware, hairdressers, post office, and a school. We still have the shops, doctors, post office and the school here.

Silver End, Essex

There’s only one down side to live here and it can be very annoying when it happens… a sudden drop in power. I write on a tower computer. It’s my main one, and holds my writing projects, family history and photos. I only connect it to the internet when updating the program I run it on. This morning after working through the edits, the power dropped. When it started up again, I had lost the last two sentences that I had spent ages getting right.

In the Heart of the Essex countryside.

All is sorted now until it happens again. Have a great day all. ❤️


  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of where you live and write! It truly looks and feels like an amazing place, and I hope to visit there one day. So glad you only lost two sentences! I wish you continued peace and plentiful power in all of your writings! Hugs!


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