I’m working on a new story which has a deadline on the 15th April. I was busy working on a story for the submission, but it wasn’t really working. I was a thousands words in on a three thousand word count for a horror story.

Until I get the tone of the story right, I don’t feel the beating heart of it. If I can’t feel the heart then the story doesn’t come alive for me. I had formed a plot line, and I knew the setting and my main characters, but something was missing. The flow of the story wasn’t working. I often know quite quick if something isn’t working. Once I can hear the main character’s voice, I know I’m working in the right direction.

Having given up on the first version, I looked around for some new inspiration and found it in a folk song. I have the opening paragraph, the two main characters and the tone of the piece. I think I have a great new twist too, but only time will tell. Tomorrow, I shall get the first draft down. It all takes time, but I’m sure this version does have a beating heart.

Today, I found another lovely review for The Funeral Birds on Amazon.

A wonderful review: everyone seems to love my characters. I guess I better write more twisted tales about them


    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla. That’s so kind of you. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Funeral Birds. I’ve found many of the reviews are on hold. I’m guessing that the Covid 19 has made the reviews less important for all but the writers. If isolating means more people are reading, hopefully they will review the book they have enjoyed too.


  1. Yes! I’m very happy to hear that good reviews continue to head your way! I’m not surprised, because you have the tools and the talent, and you put so much of your soul into your work. How could it not turn out well?! 🙂 So please, continue to write your amazing stories. We want to read more!

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    1. I have plans too. I’m waiting on hearing back from a publisher about another book I wrote sometime ago. It needs editing. Sally has given me the theme to my genre. Light-heart supernatural crime. Knowing this will help me find a publisher. Demain Publisher who accepted The Funeral Birds isn’t interested in publishing a series of Joan and Dave so I hope to find another small publisher who would take the new books on. So fingers crossed 🤞

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      1. Wonderful! How great it must be to know your theme–I’m still searching for the right combination for my novel projects. I know I’ll get there! My dear friend, my fingers are crossed with yours! May you be blessed to hear more Good News from a new publisher soon!


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