The great thing about reading is you can lose yourself. Books take you on a journey to a different time or place. A story can introduce you to wonderful characters and people without worrying about viruses 🦠 unless of course you’re reading about zombies 🧟‍♀️ Still the choice is yours. There’s a huge array of books available online if you run out of books to read in your home. If you’re are like me, you have a house full of them. I have a pile by my bed, under the bed and in the attic. Of course there’s the ones I shall read again too. 📚

At the moment, we’re all in a tough situation. Isolation will hopefully free us from this terrible thing, and help our health services saves as many lives as possible. Maybe the virus 🦠 is giving us an opportunity to introduce our children to books as parents find ways of entertaining them in their home. Children could take it in turns to read aloud to their family, creating a positive shared times together, something they will look back on with happy memories on in the future. Of course, there are plenty of books their parents can enjoy once their children are in bed.

My novella The Funeral Birds has now received seven reviews. I’m so pleased readers are enjoying the story and meeting the characters. I hope in the future to tell more tales about Dave, Joan and Granny Wenlock.

The seventh review


  1. Your post reminded me of something my dad said. When he was a kid, they didn’t have a TV. This was before TV’s were in every household. In the evening, the family would sit around while Grandmother read a book out loud, skipping over the cuss words.:-)

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    1. I remember sitting with my grandmother reading the Robin Family stories in her woman’s magazine when I was a child.


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