This morning I’ve woken feeling much better after being dragged down by a heavy cold over the last week. I was full of expectations for the launch of my crime novella ‘The Funeral Birds’ yesterday but my cold and feeling so rough took the edge off it. I haven’t been able to think straight due to the lack of deep sleep, but with a much clearer head this morning all I can do now is wait and see what kind of feedback I receive from readers.

The time has come to think about my next challenge. I have a few ideas I can play around with as my computer is full of unfinished masterpieces. Well, one does have to be positive about one’s writing. Now I must decide which project I need to focus on next. The Funeral Birds was a one off project as the publisher isn’t interested in any other novella or novels from me. When I submitted ‘The Funeral Birds’ I knew this. Demain Publishing series are looking for 50 different writers to write 50 different stories.

As ‘The Funeral Birds’ is a crime story with an element of the supernatural about it, I feel my follow up novella or novel can be either a crime or a supernatural story. I have several crime and supernatural stories already on my computer I can work on. This is good. Starting with a blank screen is quite daunting as you try to think up something from scratch. In my twenty years of learning my craft, I’ve had plenty of ideas that were too big for my ability to write them in the beginning. Some plot ideas ran out of steam. Nothing is wasted when writing and I can now develop them into something amazing with growing confidence and newly gained skills.

‘Seeking the Dark’ was one such project. The book received great feedback when I first wrote in the early 2000. This is what kept driving me forward. If I hadn’t received such positive feedback I may have given up rather than keep moving forward. So for now I must finish the edits on my single collection, then it getting stuck into working on my next big challenge. Life is fun if you’re enjoying what you’re doing. Of course I don’t have all the answers, and I’m still learning my craft, which is great because it means there is lots of new things to uncover in the future.

Yesterday being the launch of the ‘The Funeral Birds’ two interviews were posted online one by Black Hare Press and one by Allison Symes so if you would like to learn more about my writing journey then follow the links. Here is a review of The Funeral Birds done by Steve Stred another writer of Demain Publishing. Here’s a link to Demain Publishing if you would like to know more about them and their series of horror and crime novellas. The covers of all Demain books are designed by an amazing artist and writer, Adrian Baldwin


  1. Best of luck with your current works in progress!
    Back in the old days, when writing by hand or typewriter, I saved my unfinished writings too. I think our stories/poems are like living, breathing entities that we could never simply trash. At least that’s my position.
    And, I’m glad that I saved mine for scanning into the computer and re-writing. I brushed up three old stories/poems and they found a good home!
    I look forward to following your journey to greater and greater success!


  2. My dear friend, I’m very happy to hear you’re feeling better, and I sincerely wish you the best of success with The Funeral Birds! I look forward to reading it as soon as possible! Please enjoy the process of deciding and then delving into your next project, as I (and I know many others) sincerely look forward to learning more about it! Best Regards!


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