Go to any author’s book signing, book launch or talk and when it comes to question time all writers know there’s one question that will be asked. ‘How do you come up with your ideas? Ideas come from everywhere. Pick up a newspaper, search the internet, watch the news or walk down any street. They are all around us. Who knows? You may have had something happen to you that might have been unresolved. A hurt, loss or some school class bully, you need to deal with. All these things with a little thought and a lot of name changes can create a sparkle of an idea for a story or novel.

One must remember it is a personal satisfaction you are resolving and not a vendetta. Names mustn’t be named. You must build a fictional character and world. I have resolved a lot of pain and injustice through my writing though the people concerned wouldn’t know. I have the quiet satisfaction of knowing it is there in plain sight. Setting aside your own heartache you can draw on other positive experiences too. Maybe if you had taken a different route home on another night what would have happened next?

It is know as the What If Question… take any situation and ask the question, “What if?” “What if I had been running late on the night…. ?”

What if I had taken the train instead of my car? The possibilities are endless but if you are stuck, and in need of a Prompt then try this book. The publisher Gill James asked her writers, me included to send in our prompts so she could produce this book. We hope it gives you some great ideas.

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