Education is something which is dear to my heart. In Britain we have free education for all. This is great. Unfortunately the one thing we lack is a supply of money and good teachers. Too many children and not enough teachers overwhelms our schools that some children miss out on extra help within the classroom. My dyslexia was picked up in my junior school but this information wasn’t on pass on to my secondary school.

My parents were unable to help with my school work through their lack of good education. I used to spend Saturday morning in a reference library reading books on all sorts of subjects. To me the library became my kingdom of knowledge. Now I surround myself with books which I have bought from charity shops, and car boot sales. Where you can pick them up for a small sum of money. For a ready supply of books we have libraries freely available to anyone and everyone. Though these are under threat due to lack of use and support. With the growing gap between the haves and have nots in our society libraries are a important place where knowledge is available in an easy to access form.

The fact that books don’t need a power supply or recharging and are user friendly once you know how to read makes it all the more important in today’s world. Educate the children and you give them the key to a future without poverty, especially the girls and they are the ones who will be educating their children in the future.

I’m proud that my story Jelly and Ice Cream was included in a children’s charity anthology. The charity supplies books for children to read at home. They joined forces with Black Hare Press to produce this anthology.

Jibbernocky is available on Amazon
All profits to Books in Homes (Australia and USA)
Books in Homes is a charitable foundation that provides books-of-choice to children living in remote, disadvantaged and low socio-economic circumstances, ensuring crucial early literacy engagement and the development of reading skills needed for lifelong achievement.


  1. I’m a fellow book lover, married to someone who doesn’t quite get the fascination with books and the need to get knowledge. Most of my books are in bookcases with glass doors so they don’t ‘breed’. How wrong he is:-)

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    1. 😂🤣 my husband is the same. In a house full of books he too doesn’t understand my thirst for knowledge.
      ‘Can’t you get rid of some of your books?’
      I would rather slim down my wardrobe, thin out the ornaments, get rid of unused kitchen clutter than lost some of my books. I’ve told my son and daughter in law. I will start decluttering in the house as I grow older, so at the end they won’t be left with a lot of stuff to dump, but my books will be the last things to go. 😊


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