Now that 2020 is within touching distance, I’m getting ready to start planning next year’s challenges. I like to set a target. It doesn’t really matter to me if things don’t go to plan.

Of course, I try hard to achieve them, but I don’t allow them to break my spirit, or send me into a deep depression.

Life is about enjoyments. Take every small success and build on it. Yes, count the number of ticks you get, and forgot about the number of crosses. Rejection isn’t an ending its just a new beginning.

Remember an massive oak tree didn’t happen overnight, like everything it started with a small acorn and grew.

We all seem to forget that most successful people all suffered the same doubts about their craft. The ones that made it to the top are the ones that didn’t give up.

Over the last few days I’ve received news that four submissions I sent out all came back as acceptances. I’m just as excited as I was when I received my very first one, ten years ago.

Black Hare Press anthology cover

You always like to feel you have written your very best, that the story is your finest work ever, but doubt always creeps in when you least expect it. Having someone say ‘yes, we like this enough to publish it,’ is wonderful!

At the moment I’m still editing a story I’ve been working on for some time. I really cannot afford to spend any more time on it, but it is starting to speak back to me. The writing has become three dimensional. When this happens I get a real buzz, and my excitement reaches a higher plane.

The problem is when you have written your first draft, you have only just got your idea down. This is where the real magic of writing begins. It’s like taking a piece of coal and chipping away at it until it becomes a diamond 💎. It all takes time. Remember the acorn?

All editors want to see your best work. Rejection is telling you, you haven’t delivered, and that you need to take another look. My novel suffered 37 rejections. In the end, I discovered that it was too long.

Yes, I was upset, I knew how many hours and years I put into writing it, but I also remembered the journey I took creating it. Nothing is wasted. I learnt how to write much better, I picked up skills on editing, I made new friends, and received unexpected help to improve my writing abilities. So now I can put all I’ve learnt into practice with future projects.

Have a great week.

Happy writing!

Paula R.C.

Unexpected finds

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