My journey started over nine years ago. Back then I couldn’t put a sentence together. As for confidence, I wasn’t even capable of standing in front of a room full of people I knew well, and read aloud.

Times have changed.

I have met and gained a great many friends along the way who have helped and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. I now run two writing groups one at my home, and another online in a Facebook group. For writer’s only (who write without fear of rejection.)

Last year I suffered 37 rejections on my crime novel though broken-hearted I decided to set my novel aside, and focused on writing short stories before starting on editing my novel again.

Over the last few days my confidence has grown as my rejections turn into acceptances. The skills needed to write flash fiction, drabbles and short stories help to refine my editing and writing skills. I know I have become a stronger writer for it.

This morning I woke to find another contract sitting in my email inbox for another piece of flash fiction. ‘Some Good Points’

The key to success is to keep on, and don’t stop until you have achieved your goal.

Remember the only thing standing between you and success is YOU!

Happy writing everyone ✍️

Hate Anthology Book Cover


  1. Well put, Paula! Here’s to you and all the other writers out there who love to write and keep on telling stories in spite of the rejections which are a part of the process. As you have shown, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep up the great work!!


  2. Paula you are amazing. I did not like or understand flash fiction but after reading yours I have come to like it, you never cease to amaze me!


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