I’ve been tidying my garden. Cutting hedges back, removing dead and dying plants ready for the change of the season.

Rain soaked garden in sunshine 🌞

On the first of October I hope to be ready to start cutting my novel down to a publishable size. I’m in two minds. Do I scrap its original form and reconstruct it or do I like I’ve done with my garden, just cut it back enough to tidy it up?

While I’ve been trying to make up my mind I’ve been busy writing flash fiction. Though horror isn’t a subject I enjoy ( too much of a scaredy-cat, can’t watch films or read books) I am enjoying writing it though. I like Stephen King’s psychological telling of tales. You leave it to your readers to fill in the blanks.

This week I have signed two contracts for my work. I shall be paid a small sum for one, but still I can say I’m earning something from my writing.

I’m hoping to start work again on a pocket novel to which I need to finish off. So next year I’ll have plenty of unfinished work to knock into shape.

Have a wonderful day.

Chat soon,

Paula R. C.

Morning sunshine

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