When you’ve had your heart broken and the thing you’ve been working so hard for is still a long way off, you need to step back and refocus your mind.

At the moment, I’m finding it hard to sit down and work on anything long or in-depth. In my mind a little voice keeps telling me, ‘Why waste your time? Publishing ain’t what it use to be. ‘No one wants what you write…’

I found myself looking around for something else. Something that will hold my excitement, drive my passion, rekindled my interest. Something different. Every morning, I wake impatient to be writing, but as soon as I’m sitting in front of my computer my enthusiasm dies.

I’m left with the nagging voice of despair. ‘Why bother, it isn’t worth all that effort?’

I’m trying hard not to listen. I have a few projects on the go, but I’m writing a lot slower as my mind jumps around. I’m trying hard to find something I feel will reap rewards no matter how small, while I decide whether to tackle my pocket novel, or tackle shortening my crime novel.

I know it is just a transitional stage, that I’ve just lost my confidence. Part of me is impatient to be back up to speed, but another part is telling me, to wait. Take a few deep breaths.

There’s not race to be won. I have plenty of time left in living to see my novel published.

Black Hare Press, an Australian publishing company has accepted three of my flash fiction pieces so far. I’m working on some longer pieces for a few of their paying anthologies. It’s not a great deal of money, but it’s better than nothing.

Today, Black Hare Press posted a cover of their Drabbles crime collection, ‘Unravel ‘ anthology.

Published by Black Hare Press it includes my flash fiction piece, ‘Fire Starter’

It isn’t quite the same as seeing your name on a cover of a book, but I’m pleased. And my piece is only has 100 words long, but they are all perfectly formed. They are in good company too, with other amazing writers that belong to an online group I run. For Writers only

Have a great day,

Best wishes,

Paula R.C


  1. Paula – I’m so happy for you that three stories are going to be published by Black Hare Press. In fact, that’s awesome!! Sure, it’s not your novel (that will come in time, believe me) but it’s a win nevertheless. As far as I’m concerned, to be able to see your stories in print will be fantastic. Plus it gives you something to work toward; longer pieces for them. You’re an excellent writer. Keep up the great work!!

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