I know it’s a state of mind. Though having said that I scare easily. It’s left over from my childhood. Growing up in an old house, my brother enjoyed telling creepy tales.

My grandmother said, ‘Paula has an overactive imagination.’ At school, I was classed as a bit of a dreamer by the teachers in my school report book.

In today’s world dreamers and people with active imagination are valuable. They are the ones who are creative and forward thinking as they build a bright, cleaner future for us all.

X-rated horror movies scare me. I don’t like blood and gory. I would rather watch a mystery any day of the week. Yet, I’m drawn to write about the darker side of life.

This evening I’ve been working on a new piece of flash fiction. The theme of the story is a ‘Bad Romance’.

Death is just a shadow no one wants around

I have just completed it and it’s that makes me worry about my sanity… though, it could just be the heat 😂🤣

All the best and have a great weekend,

Paula R.C.


  1. I’m excited for you, Paula. Sounds like you are stretching yourself a bit. I personally think that’s a good thing. Hopefully we can read your new story sometime.


  2. You’ve done exactly what I wish I did. I let sleuth Holly take me and I wrote away without a clue what I was doing. You studied long and hard and now you will a great author.


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