Since my hundred words Drabble ‘Fire Starter’ has been accepted for publication by Black Hare Press, I’ve become hooked on them.

Yesterday, I sent off another two. A hundred word one, and a five hundred one. I’ve surprised myself by how easy I’ve found them to write. Both had set theme. If they are not selected, I won’t be disappointed, because there are other places to send then.

In this business nothing goes to waste. Writers are great recyclers. The Drabbles I had created can be used again as they are or become longer pieces.

Black Hare Press have some new Call Out coming up soon for other anthologies. I shall look forward to trying again.

Right, now I’m off to write my next piece.

Happy writing,

Paula R.C.

A Brown Hare: photo taken while I was out walking.

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  1. Glad to hear you are fired up to write those shorter pieces, Paula. I agree totally about recycling our stories. Many of mine have started as 75 word submissions to Paragraph Planet. Like you said, one can then build from there. It’s fun. It’s challenging. And it’s cool to see how certain shorter pieces evolve into longer and more fleshed out compositions. I’m looking forward to reading yours in the (near?) future!!


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