If you had asked me ten years ago to write flash fiction, I would have said ‘Flash Fiction? What’s that?

If you had explained to me that you needed to tell a story in under a thousand words. I would have said it was impossible.

Now I understand it is possible and because I’ve mastered the ability to write and editing my work, I can see that it isn’t what you write, but more about what you leave out, or is unsaid.

By removing the obvious, you have more words to explain what needs to be said. Spending a few months writing flash fiction is great preparation for writing my next novel as I want to reduce my word count from over 100k to a more comfortable 75k. The reading public is now wanting shorter novels and short stories collections.

It’s all to do with the lack of free time.

In this time-strapped modern world more people are turning to audio books to listen to while traveling, or working. Most people take their phones rather than a book while traveling.

From my collection of old books.

The small screen makes it uncomfortable to read too. (Well, I find it so) I certainly don’t see an end to the printed book. These will still have their places in society as a printed book is still accessible without power.

Remember we can still read documents and books that were written hundreds of years ago. In today’s world it even more important to keep written documents available without the use of technology.

Someone family tree from the early 1700’s, in a 1600’s book

Put your words to paper and treasure them. So that future generations can read them as technology moves forward, who knows what information will be lost along the way.

I must get back to my five hundred words flash fiction… called ‘the perfect gift’ 💝 it’s a killer 😂💀🤣

Have a great day writing ✍️


  1. I’m glad to hear you are fired about about flash fiction, Paula. I love your writing and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work with these shorter pieces.


    1. Thank you, Jim. The one I’m working on is quite murderous 😂🤣😂 and that’s just me writing it.


  2. I loved this post! I recently got back into writing and I didn’t even think twice about writing it on the computer. Now, you got me thinking maybe I should start drafting my stories on paper first just so that I always have them. I personally like reading in physical books too. Thanks for the insightful read!

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