Coming late to writing has been a challenge, but it has been very rewarding too. I have felt empowered as my confidence has found its own level.

I know when I was young I had a tough time fighting with myself about taking centre stage. A voice in my head kept telling me ‘I’m showing off. ‘

Yet whenever anyone else took centre stage, I admired their confidence. If they made a mistake, stumble on a word, I would feel for them, understand they were a little nervous, but brave enough to have a go.

So why do I punish myself with negative thoughts?

They say the only thing that stand between you and you achieving your ambitions is yourself.

As much as I try to keep negative thoughts in their place they do creep through. I’m constantly tell myself off for not putting enough hours in the day to write more words.

‘Why are you wasting time doing this when you should be writing?

Your grandmother was right, you can’t stick at one thing at a time?

Or, what was on my school report: ‘Paula spends too much time looking out the window daydreaming!’

A lifetime of negative comments destroys a person’s confidence throughout their lives and overrides all the positive ones.

As I sit here writing this I wonder why positive thoughts aren’t the strongest ones and why can I only store the negative ones. Self-doubt and the voice of negativity needs to be silenced, before I can move on with the next stage in my challenge.

My challenge has always been about improving myself and the only thing hold me back has always be my only limitations.

Now I’m halfway through a new year, I must push myself forward still harder.

My story ‘Telling Tales’ has been accepted for the Bridge House Publishing anthology ‘Nativity’. This has pleased me no end.

‘Telling Tales’ for me has a strong message which I hoped others would see and understand. A little on the darker side of life, it is the kind of story I enjoy writing.

I have also entered a writing competition too this week, though I’m not feeling so positive about that story, but one never knows unless one gives it a try. Now be positive, Paula 😉

Happy writing everyone.

Paula R. C.

Stop putting barriers in your way and start thinking positive thoughts


  1. I came late to writing too, Paula, but regard the activity as a joyful exploration of creativity. For me it’s all about the ‘doing’ – the journey – rather than the destination.
    Congratulations on the acceptance of your story for the Bridge House Publishing anthology.


  2. Great post, Paula! I really appreciate your candor. You have a wonderful skill at being able to express your thoughts and feelings. Not everyone can do that. Thank you so much for sharing, and, as you say, Happy Writing!


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