Today Europe and the rest of the world celebrate a huge milestone. The guns and the bombs of the Second World War rained down taking with it many unfulfilled lives to free the world from evil.

If that evil had been allowed to continue would my generation been born? What would the world look like today?

Thankfully we will never know.

As a writer these are the questions we asked. We allow our minds to play around with different scenarios.

Setting our own milestones in life allows us all to work towards making small changes in our lives everyday. I’m sure those who gave their lives for us 75 years ago hoped that when it was all over they would live in a safer world and would be able to plan their futures with their loved ones.

The ones who survived never forget the terrible sights they saw and live their lives to the full in memory of those who didn’t make it.

Whatever your plans are for today give thanks to all those who make the ultimate sacrifice to bring about peace and end suffering for others.

Thank you


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