I’m waiting.

Yes, still waiting.

My first rejection of the new year came soon after sending my finished MS off to two publishers. The rejection came as a huge blow after eight months of working hard on rewriting and editing my novel.

It has taken me sometime to find my feet again and pick myself up. I’m working on submitting my writing to new places and stepping outside my comfort zone. It is too easy to play safe.

After working long and hard on my novel, I believed I had written something powerful and different that publishers would be willing to take it on but I now feel at a lost with what direction I want to go with my writing.

Millions of people around the world are now writing as the internet opens the doors to thousands of small publishers across the world. Diversity has given us new markets to explore as writers too. There are gaps in genres too. As readers explore unknown avenues from classics to new authors.

I’ve been trying to find something new to tackle within my latest story, which is still a work in progress. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and trying to explore a new culture with it.

Where it will take me I don’t know, but the journey will be interesting.

So while I wait to hear back from the second publisher, I’m still busy writing.

If you get a little time in your busy day, you may like to read one of my stories published by Cafelit.

Please enjoy ‘Rear View Mirror ‘

Thank you

Best wishes,

Paula R.C

1 Comment

  1. Good luck Paula, it is a cruel profession and so time-consuming only to get a no. But I believe every no leads to a yes so carry on and good luck. Waiting to see your announcement one day… Yes!! xx


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