When you have been waiting for so long to see your dream become a reality, you can reach the point where it seems totally impossible.

Last year I had thirty five rejections on my manuscript. Thirty five points in my life where I didn’t feel I wanted to continue. The trouble with me is I hate giving up. I’m not worried about what others may think, but I do worry about how I may feel about my failure later in my life.

When I was in my early thirties, I went to see my grandmother in hospital. She had survived three heart attacks and gone from being a powerful figure in my life to an elderly lady sitting in a London hospital.

As I walked into the ward she looked up at me and said, ‘Hello. I’ve just been sitting here thinking how would my life have turned out if I had taken a different direction, or made a different choice at certain points in my life.’

We all have moments when we have to stop and make tough decisions. When I left my grandmother that day, her words echoed in my ears. I did not want to wait until I was in my late 80’s to wish I had made different choices.

Not long after that meeting my grandmother passed away and I took onboard her advice and made some huge painful decisions about things which did not bring me happiness.

In life we all have to be risk takers. We all have to step out of our comfort zone and be brave. Success doesn’t come looking for you, you have to hunt it out.

Over these last seven months, I have been working with a fantastic editor. Her kindness and support has help me evolve as a writer. Kim has led me through the mire of my manuscript by opening my eyes to the problems I couldn’t see.

Yesterday I finished the final read through of my manuscript and returned it to Kim for her to read my final version before I send it off to a publisher. Now the long wait starts.

Already my heart is in my mouth. I have plenty of projects which I can be get on with. Stepping outside your comfort zone is tough, especially when you have to start all over again.

I hope my next project doesn’t take me so long to complete, but with my newly acquired editing skills my manuscript should have less soggy patches, and be much tighter.

That’s the thing about stepping outside your comfort zone, you find that life’s tough lessons give you better armour for when you move forward towards your final goals.

In December I have two new stories being published in Cafelit 8.

Right, now I’m off on the next leg of my journey. Thank for tagging along.

Have a wonderful day

Paula R.C.

Life’s too short not to spread your wings to see if you can fly ✍️

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