I’m sorry I haven’t dropped by for a while but I’ve been busy. I wish I could say that as a writer I’ve been sitting glued to my desk, fingers dancing across the keys.

Most of the time I try to write every day, but I’m also a mother and housewife so I have other duties to carry out too. Who will do the washing, cooking and cleaning if not me.

The thing is if my husband and son are busying working bring the money in to support me it’s only fair that I support their needs too. Oh and there are two cats who need my attention too. 😸😸

A house is like a ship at sea, if it not run with careful attention it will soon sink under a weight of rubbish and dust.

I have to be organised, I need to know jobs are done and everything is shipshape and on an even keel so my mind is free to focus on writing.

My novel is now on the home straight all major edits are done, and I’m now busy focusing on the last read through. My editor is going to give it a once over before it is returned to a publisher who has shown an interest in my ‘Stone Angels’.

I hope to be able to report back soon with some good news. Fingers crossed 🤞

Bye for now, and keep the faith.

Everything comes to those who work hard.

Paula R.C.

My collection of anthologies which my work is published in.

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