Wow! I hid my iPad and focused on my writing. I edited four chapters in one hit. Just one and half to go and then I can return the first fourteen to my editor.

Working with an editor has really helped me understand how to improve my sentence construction and focus on how to tell the story with the reader in mind.

We are told that anyone can write a book, which maybe true, but what we are not told is most of us don’t fully understand how to construct the telling of our tale to fully develop it.

The trouble is as a writer we are too close to our plot. Most of the time, we explain too much where it isn’t needed and don’t show what is needed so the reader sees the bigger picture and can immerse themselves in our plot.

We must remember that we need to keep our readers turning pages and moving forward. To be so caught up in the plot they lose track of time and want to know what happens next.

Every time they stop to re-read something or have to turn back, they lose momentum. The last thing we want to do is break their concentration, as they question, ‘what’s going on here?’

As writers half our scenes and plot gets left in our heads. We must remember that we have a film running in our minds when we create our fictional world. We are using words to describe what we can see in our mind’s eyes, but if we don’t fully develop our story our readers won’t understand what is going on in our novels.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I read my novel through believing it was the best I could make it. I even paid to have it critiqued and worked on it again following the advice I was given. I had it proofread by people I trusted to tell me honestly whether it read okay before I sent it out to publishers.

It is only when you get an editor that you can fully understand their power to see the bigger picture, to fill in the missing parts and to make your story shine.

I hope after 35 rejections this final batch of edits will polish my novel so its ready to fly. 🖋📚✒️

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