After months of editing my novel today I finally finished it, and now it is with my editor.

I can honestly say I have learnt an awful lot about myself, my writing and my plot over the time I’ve been working with Kim on my novel. I can clearly see why I suffered so many rejections. 35 in total.

Yes, I could have gone down the self-publishing route to see my novel in print, but would I have been happy?

No. I would have been a shamed of myself for selling my novel short, for allowing my plot to be underdeveloped, for not allowing my main character to reach his full potential.

It’s far too easy to think as soon as you’ve write your last line, reached your word count total to think your book is finished and is ready to be published.

No, your novel isn’t finished, it has only begun the first part of its journey.

I wish I hadn’t been so hasty when I sending my MS out. The feedback I did get all told me it needed more editing , which I thought meant, a few commas in the wrong place, some typos etc.

No my plot was underdeveloped, too much tell and not enough show. It was too confusing in places. All of this was because I was too close to my MS.

New writers you need an editor to read your book to see where your real problems are with your ms.

Hard work makes to great writing!

Have a wonderful weekend 🖋❤️✒️

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