Here we are 23 days into a new year and already I feel as those I’ve been wasting valuable time.

Yes, I know I have to eat and sleep. At my age it is important that I sleep well, to give my body chance to repair itself from the stresses and strains of modern lives. I must eat well too, if I’m expecting my brain to create a masterpiece.

Of course, it is important to step away from the computer screen and give your eyes and brain a rest bite to allow everything to refocus. This is also important because it allows you to pickup any mistakes you might have made like typo or missing scenes.

Writing isn’t a race. The most important things is to keep it enjoyable. A pleasure. When you sit down at your keyboard, you need to feel relaxed and at peace with the world around you. This will allow creativity to flow from you. The last thing you want is your writing to become a chore.

When I finished my full-time job I thought I could give my writing 24/7 but I realised that I never gave my full-time employment 24/7 either.

Writing is about giving a 💯% of whatever time you have to write. When you sit down to write you need to stay focused for the amount time you have available, whether that be an half hour, four hours or a day. As long as you’re writing or editing you’re moving forward towards your goal.

This year I’ve taken on the challenge to not only complete my novel and hopefully see it published, but to get healthy to, as I head towards another big milestone in my life.

The sad passing of important people from one’s life makes you refocus your own views to what is important to you. Your dreams and ambitions become a real focal point as something you want to achieve before your own time runs out. When I first started writing I gave myself some deadlines. As I get older they have become important for the wrong reason, less of an incentive, rather more they’ve given me a sense of failure as I missed my goal.

I realised too that I need to look more closely at what I have achieved, rather than what I haven’t. The fact I’m published and won writing competitions is a huge accomplishment in itself. If I could face my twenty years old self, she wouldn’t have believed it was possible for her to write a story, let alone have it published.

From now on I’m glass half full writer.

That’s all for today. I have to focus on rewriting chapter 24 of my novel as it’s in a huge mess, and makes no sense at all. Thankfully, my editor as allowed me to see the light, bless her.

Have a great day all.

Paula R.C.

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