Hello Confidence, my old friend 👋

I come to talk to you again. As doubt is slowly creeps in, I need you more than ever, old friend. Lines of edits tear my heart apart, and I see no end in sight.

Please my dear old friend tell me everything will be all right.

Confidence is what we all need to believe in. It’s a tough call, when we’re all scared writers. It’s the not knowing.

Are we good enough to believe in our ability.

After all anyone can put words on paper or a screen, create a simple, understandable sentence, but how to write a powerful sentence. A sentence that can move someone to tears, make someone laugh out loud, to hide under their bed clothes, or question the darkness.

Words are powerful things, when you get them in the right order.

The problem is, how they sound in our head, isn’t how the reader reads them on the page. That’s when doubt creeps in and takes hold.

I’m at that crisis point with my novel. It’s the not knowing whether I’ve finally made it good enough that a publisher would want to take it on.

Last year, I was sure my novel was the best I could make it. I believed in my ability. After sending my MS out to publishers and having rejections I convinced myself that they couldn’t see how amazing my story was, and that’s when doubt step up to the mark.

Oh yes, I do have a story to tell, but at the moment the words are in the wrong order.

🎶Hello Confidence, my old friend. I need to call on you again. You are my only friend. Your words are like those of a prophet written on a subway wall.

You tell me, ‘Dear Writer, don’t you know ‘Doubt’ is like a cancer it grows. Hear my words so that I may teach you. Listen to the voice of your confidence, and you will grow.’ 🎶

Thank you, Paul Simon for your powerful words. I apologise for taking liberties with them to make a point. I wonder, may I ask, did you ever doubt yourself when you wrote the ‘Sound of Silence’?

Now to get back to my edits and kick ass!

Have a great day writing ✍️

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