No, I’m not an alien from another planet, or a time traveler. I’m simply offering you the chance to escape from your world into mine if you’re having a stressful time in yours.

Too often we all forget that the simple pleasures we have in our daily lives others do not. My friend, Ana and I walk the footpaths around our village. It is such a simple thing to do. We can take time out from the hustle and bustle of the busy world and forget about the politics of living, the terrible wars, the crimes and the hardships suffered by others which we cannot solve.

It is too easy to become depressed by things we cannot change or resolve. The news while reporting the truth gives us a false perspective on the world as we see only sadness, destruction and suffering. Too often it is easy to forget there is a lot of goodness and hope in the world to.

Simple acts of kindness.

While we’re out walking we see some amazing sights of simple beauty. From the way the light plays among the leaves as we walk through the woods. The changing of the seasons. A lone fox making its way home. The deer on the horizon. The last flower of the season. A hidden treasure among the long grasses; an orchid. An owl on the wing. The list is endless. Our walks are peaceful, refreshing and stress-free.

How I wish you to could share in those moments and see such beauty too. That for the briefest of moments your troubles and problems are forgotten and your mind is at peace.

After a walk of two stress-free hours we are ready to face whatever the world in its busyness wants to throw at us.

Maybe you can take time out from your world, and look for such simple pleasures to give your mind time to rest too. And then maybe you’ll start seeing your problems from a different perspective and find a light at the end of the tunnel at last.


Have a great day,

Paula R.C.

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