Art is a kind of magic… you start with something worthless and then with a few strokes of a brush it becomes priceless.

It’s like writing first you start with a blank sheet of paper, or a screen. Then after writing a few words you start forming a plot idea. This all takes time.

At the moment I have an idea in my head. The journey between the highs and lows of the plot is a little vague. Until I can join up the dots by answering a few questions for myself I can’t take my plot forward.

So far I have the settings, main characters, the first victim and their cause of death, but it’s the reason why the crime has taken place that eludes me.

Yes, I can go for the most obvious, but if I did, I would feel as though I was cheating my readers. If I was reading the book and I reached this point in the novel I would chuck it aside and said, ‘Oh… I know where this is going…’

As Writers we are taught to ask ourselves one simple question… What if?

So that’s what I’ve been busy doing, along with why, when, and how.

As the body count rises so the value of the painting grows, but is it all about the money or something more?

So as I answer these questions and more with unexpected answers so my novel will begin to write itself.

Happy writing everyone.

Paula R.C.

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