As a writer sitting alone with just your thoughts and a keyboard it’s easy to forget about what comes next.

Once you’ve completed your novel or a short story for anthology you need to think about promoting and marketing the book or books.

It’s too easy to sit back and think your book will sell itself, but in this day and age, promoting and marketing is just as much the writer’s job as their book publisher’s.

Today as the heat outside grows I’ve set my writing to one side to focus on making a list of places I could promote my work.

So ask yourself, what can I do to help promote my own work?

In December I shall be going to St Andrews, Short Street, South Bank to take part in the Bridge House Publishing Celebration Event to launch two anthologies which contains my stories ‘Crackers’ and ‘Cafelit 7’.

This got me think about making a list of all the ways I can promote my work.

To start with think about who your book will appeal too. This can help you focus your mind to where to start your campaign. If it’s your novel, then its genre is a good starting point.

I made my own card. Slightly bigger than a business card more postcard size, which I hand out whenever I can. On these I have a picture of the books covers and a single sentence summing up what my stories are about, plus details of where you can buy the books as well as my contact details.

Check out local newspapers, radio and even certain types of magazines. I know of two magazines I can publicise my work in. The Writing Magazine has a selection known as Subscriber Spotlight where you can post your writing success stories. Also, for free, you can showcase your book in Writers Online Subscribers’ Showcase. Here you can add additional content too. Whether it’s an interview, video, book trailer, podcast, or audio extract.

Once you start really thinking about how you can market your work opportunities you’ve never really thought about start revealing themselves to you.

There’s no end of choice from giving talks to local writing groups, WI, or at local book festivals. Ask about book signing in your library and if you’re still lucky enough to have a independent bookshop ask there too.

If you know of a local craft fair or indoor market make inquiries about setting up a table to sell your books.

If you have had any successes in marketing and promoting your work, please let me know, if you are willing to share some tips with me. Thank you.

Happy marketing,

Paula R.C.

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