It's funny how inanimate objects taking on a living form. Whether its a house, car or even a computer, they become a huge part of our lives. My tower computer locked me out yesterday. After years of faithfulness the time had come to say goodbye. My new writing buddy isn't brand new, but new enough to be different. I've moved from XP to Windows 7.

I use a desktop computer for my work. Somehow I find it far easier to become focus when sat in front of a monitor and a keyboard. Have a physical beast of a computer to stare at helps me stay focused. It has no internet connection. It's just for working on.

Time passes and with all things, there are changes.

I'm at a loss as I now discovered that programmes l've come to love and depend on no longer work on the newer machine. I managed to load on a program I use to create newsletters and my business cards, but when l went to phone to register it, the gentleman told me l was 'skating on thin ice' by using it.
I said, ' but I like it because it's easy to use.'

It seems a shame when technology gets beyond being useful.

I'm disappointed to find that the dictionary and thesaurus I love using no longer runs. Again it was so simple to use I just wrote in the word and up popped lots of choices. I was able have it sitting on my screen next to document I was working on.

I shall have to go back to using my collection of hard copy books, not so quick, but easy to use and I don't need to register them.

Maybe skating on thin ice has many disadvantages, as you never know whether you're going to make it to the other side, but at least I have the add advantage of being able to swim against the current of wastefulness.

I'm all for things doing what it says on the label. And in my books there are too many companies collecting too much data on us all.

Happy writing,

Paula R.C.

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