At my first writing talk

At the moment,  l’m busy working on two projects. Firstly, my novel, and secondly, a short stories collection. The one thing I don’t seem to have enough of is time. Yes, I’m a full-time writer but as a mother and wife I have other duties I must carry out too. The garden calls too. Though with the lack of rain my vegetables don’t seem to be growing so well.

On Monday evening l gave my first talk on my writing journey to the Canvey Writers. I was very nervous and wasn’t sure whether what l had to say was interesting enough, but it went well and now l’ve done it I’m sure next time I’m asked I will be better prepared.

This morning, I’ve made better progress with a new story I’ve been working on. I was a little unsure quite where it was going. When l woke this morning, I thought l would sketch out the ending. I had an image in my mind how the ending would come about after he main action had finished. Two of the characters say their farewells.

It has worked. Now l need to join up the dots and complete my first draft.

A long journey has an ending when you know where you are going.

Happy writing everyone, and have a peaceful day.

Best wishes,

Paula R.C.

Thicking plot
Ace Writer

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