Happy Christmas Dear Readers

With Christmas hours away, I’m ending 2016 full of cold. Like so many others including my husband, grandchildren and friends I succumb to a cold that after a few day you feels like you’re over the worst of it only to have it resurfaces again knock you down again. Yesterday, l woke feeling positive l was over it and making headway with my writing. 

Today l’m chilling out in front of the the TV something l don’t do often. At the moment, l’m busy editing 19 short stories for an anthology for the new year. My novel still hasn’t found a home but l’m sure it’s not long before it does. I’m in the middle of editing it again after finding some weak areas in some of the chapters.

I have three projects that l want to get finished in 2017. I had hope to write some new stories for the women’s magazines but it looks as though they are going through some huges changes, so l think l shall stay focused on novels and the occasional writing competitions.

If you are looking for an online writing group to join I have a group on Facebook call ‘For Writers (only ) writing without fear of Rejections . I listed anything from Competitions, Agents, Publishers as well as articles on writing, books and all news links to books, and publishing world. 

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and a positive New Year.

Best wishes,

Paula R.C.


  1. Hi, Paula! I’m not on social media anymore, but I am still accessible through my blog, and I wanted to visit yours and see how you’re doing. I hope you’re over your cold. I’ve been sick since the middle of December — back to back colds and now the flu! YUCK! Hopefully the bugs will leave us both alone in 2017.

    Have a wonderful New Year, my friend, in your writing and in all areas of life!


    1. Oh I so glad you’ve come to my blog, Thomma Lyn, I looked for you to wish you all the best for 2017, and found you were gone. We must keep in touch after all these years we have been friends. I hoping for a positive New Year. I’m a grandmother of two beautiful children but my son and his girlfriend are having some issues they are trying very hard to work through together. I’m sure they can do it as they both do love each other very much. A lot of young people don’t realise how full on having children can be especially when you have two so close together, without really getting to know each other first. A huge learning curve, but l’m very positive and proud of both of them and their two children.
      Sorry to hear you’ve had this awful cold too. Hope you have a full recovery soon, Thomma Lyn.
      I have three writing projects l want to finish this year. Hope all is well with your writing and music projects.
      Have a great New Year.


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