I didn’t allow my nerves to get the better of me.

Believe it or not, but twenty years ago I was a totally different person, shy and always in the background. I don’t even recognise myself sometimes these days.


Oh yes, you may say we’ve all aged, but I’m not talking about the person I see in the mirror. I’m talking about the person I am inside.

Everyone’s life is a journey. I always believed that anything is possible if you can just find the strength within you. In the past, I would tell myself that things can only get better, if I kept the faith and kept moving forwards.

I was right.

Today, as I sit here sharing my news with you, I’m fulfilling my dreams of become a published writer because of my darling husband and with the support two amazing friends. On Saturday we travelled up to London to take part in the Bridge House and Chapel Book launch of their two new anthologies, Cafelit 5 and Baubles 

Ana, Joan and Russell toasting my success in having two more stories published.


As this year slowly comes to an end, I’m pleased with my achievement to date. Though I didn’t fulfil the promise I made to myself about getting my novel published this year, at least know in my heart that I’m one step closer.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I know I’ve still got a long journey ahead of me, but I’m not travelling it alone.

Thank you, Russell, Ana and Joan.

Bye for now,

Paula R C




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