Rejection2As writers we all know about the waiting game. After receiving one rejection on my novel this week, I’m getting a bit impatient as I wait to hear back from two other publishers. The one this week sent quite a positive rejection in praise of both my writing style and plotline. They even gave me advice to where I should try sending my novel, which was kind of them.

Now there are two things I can do while I’m waiting. Pace the floor and keep checking my email account, or…

Do publishers work at the weekend?

They must, mustn’t they? I mean they have a lot of submissions to work through so they can’t have time off.

They must understand how important it is for a writer to know whether their work has been accepted or not. And then there’s all those hundreds of copies of their books waiting to be sold, as well as interviews and book launches us writers have planned to promote our newly published novel…

So they can’t even think about having a holiday either.

Okay, okay I know…. It all takes time and everyone needs time off to rest. I have plenty I could be getting on with while I’m waiting.  I’m busy focusing on my next writing project.

Hello! I thought I heard my Ipad pinging to let me know I have an email.

Oh no, its just nothing. 😦

Now where was I? I must stay focused.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C.

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