You see the thing is writing is the easier part. Anyone can sit down and write. We are all writers. Believe me it doesn’t matter how bad your spelling is or whether you fully understand grammar. Everyone can write be it shopping list or school essay.

Now writing to be published or getting published that’s the hard part. It’s all down to personal taste.

Sorry, did you say personal taste?  We are still talking about writing here?

Yes, we are. It’s all down to the personal taste of the editor, publisher and agent, or whoever you’re sending your work to, or is it?

Now I’ve just suffered a rejection. Rejection to be a writer

Thank you for your kind thoughts and condolences, but it all part and parcel to being a writer who dares to send off their work for another to cast their critical eye over before giving it the thumb up or down on.

In my case it was returned with some great feedback. Though it did leave me feeling a little puzzled.

I’m really sorry to say that at this time….   You write extremely well and the premise of your story has strength. However, we have to think very carefully before taking on a new writer…. Since our company began in the 2014 we have honed our skills and taken the company from strength to strength. During this process we have learned where our talents lie and at the moment do not feel we could do justice to your work.

Please do not be disheartened by this reply. You are a great writer and I am sure you will find success in this area.”

Okay, so that’s great feedback, but it left lots of questions running around my head. If I’m such a great writer, does this mean I’m too good for them, and if so, what does that say for the authors they have published?

While I start hitting the keyboard again, dear readers think twice before sending off your submissions because you might find yourself in the same situation as me.

You might be just too good for the publisher you’re submitting to, but take heart, it could mean you’re a great writer too. 🙂

Thicking plot
Ace Writer

Best wishes and happy writing,

Paula R C




  1. ‘You are a great writer’ – what a wonderful endorsement! If you have to deal with a rejection then I imagine that being told that you write well and that your premise is strong removes much of the pain. Onwards and upwards.

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  2. My sympathies. Dealing with any kind of rejection is always hard. I’m sure that you’ll overcome it and look to the future in a positive light. xx


    1. Thank you, Flighty. Hope all is well at the allotment. I’m busy with my garden. Potatoes and onions are in. I have tomatoes seeds on my kitchen window and tomorrow l hope to clean out my greenhouse so l can start seeding trays of flower seeds for the garden.


  3. It’s an odd one. I’ve been thinking about this a bit – I’ve had a few rejections and it may sound trite but I rarely take them personally. I just assume that I’m not a good fit with what they are looking for – like you say personal taste. I’m possibly reading waaaay too much into what they’ve said to you – but it sounds like they think you are pretty great but just not a fit for what they’ve decided is their specific genre.

    I’ve also learned that I’m way more affected by reaction – if something goes out in public and gets a negative reaction that stings. Really stings (I’m still recovering from someone calling me a Fluffy Little Doll the other day!).

    Anyhow, best of luck with your next submissions. The fit will come.

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    1. I know it’s hard when you get a rejection, but as long as you are still growing as a writer and moving forward rejection allows you to see where improvements can be made. I had to rewrite my synopsis for my book. It had to be shorter by do so l made it sound a 100% more exciting. This will help sell the book much better, l hope.
      If you’re on Facebook, check our my group ‘writing without fear of rejection. It a group where l post competitions, agency and publishers seeking submission and other bookish things. Most people on there are writers and authors

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      1. Ah, don’t worry. I called them out cyber bullying. Unfortunately my Disqus username is an old one, GingerDoll, so people tend to be quite dismissive. GingerCrone would be more appropriate these days!! I would change it, but its established in connection with the writing I do for Den of Geek.

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