Snoopy you might be wrongYou know what life is like? Yep, I guess you do. Nothing is quite how we plan it. At the moment I’m playing the waiting game. It’s something every writer must learn how to play with patience. You send off your submission and you have to wait to see if it is accepted and they want to read the rest of it. If you are lucky, they do, then you’re waiting again to see if they will publishes your novel, story etc.

The best thing to do while is to do something else.

At the moment I’m rewriting a pocket novel. A romance. Yes, I know you’re shocked! A dark crime writer like myself writing light and fluffy romances.

The thing is while I’m waiting to hear whether the publisher has accepted my dark crime novel, I got brave and sent off a pocket novel to another publisher. I sent in my submission in the afternoon not expecting to hear back straightaway. Just as I was packing for the day and getting started on sorting out my husband’s dinner I received an email back asking me to take another look at my plot line as I had too many gorgeous men in the story which would make it too confusing for the reader. The email went on to say if I would like to have a chat about the plot to give them a ring.

Nervously, I reached for the phone.

Stevie the swan
The unexpected on a cold chilly morning

The outcome was they loved my writing style, the way I moved my story on, enjoyed my lead characters and want to read more of my work.  So from dark psychological crime writer I’m now tapping into my lighter side to write romances.

It is all about getting my work published that keeps me moving forward.

Have a great week,

Paula R C


    1. I’m like that too, Flighty, though l like a book where it gives you the creep without being gory. Anything that doesn’t leave something to the reader’s imagination is too over the top for me.


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