Thicking plot
Ace Writer

If you want to get published you have to write. To write you have to hit the keys. That’s what I have been doing today. Writing, Editing and Rewriting. Oh and making bread too.

Having just finished another short story I thought I would send it off before going downstairs to make myself a snack before read through my next writing project. A pocket novel.

Just another 25k words to finish it. Then hopefully that will be ready to send off. I’m hoping to start making some sort of money with my writing this year.

Most people think it is easy to make money by writing, but it isn’t. Ask a writer?

It’s long hours for little reward, but I’m excited by the fact I didn’t believe it was something I could do. If the publisher takes on my novel I will have achieved something unbelievable to me even ten years ago.

Step by step I’m building up my confidence and soon I shall start work on my next novel. rejection3 But for now it’s the waiting game,


Paula R C

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