GraveheaderToo much sadness in the world, makes you see how luck you are yourself, though, tomorrow, it could all change. While the madness of the world seems to be spreading its tentacles wide across Europe, we here in the West must keep living for the future our forefathers fought for when we help France during the Second War World.

With Remembrance day only just gone and Christmas just around the corner, we must remember what these days are symbols for, peace, love, hope and a promise of a new world, a new future.

In my quiet corner of the world, life moves on, as it always does. I’ve had my moments of sadness, and quiet reflection with the death of my mother, my husband’s father’s ill health and other family problems and upsets over the last few months. As with everyone else, my husband and I have learnt we must stay strong and take small step as we move forward with our lives.  Though, nothing we’ve suffered compares to the horror that has happened in many other parts of the world, where families have been torn apart by war and suffering. We were able to share my dear mother’s last moments in peace and quiet. Russell’s father received all the medical help he needed and was well looked after without bombs and bullets flying about. We suffered no food shortages nor did we have to walk for miles to find water or food.

Christmas will be a quiet time for my husband and I this year. We shall visit members of our families, but on the whole we will just enjoy each other company and share our time with our cat, Willow.

On a much lighter note, I’m soon to have another story published in another collection.


‘Snowflakes’  is an anthology of 24 carat gold stories. Stories to make you stop and think about life. Each story is unique and perfectly formed like snowflakes. Hopefully you will find one story, or more among them, that may inspire you to leave a review. To find out more about the book or to buy a copy for yourself or other, please click on the link: Snowflakes

Have a great week ahead of you, and enjoy every moment of this ever changing world.



Paula R. C.



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