The Way Out
The Way Out

Well, here we are heading toward the end of another year. Oh, I know this not just because we are into November and the shops are full of Christmas goodies, but because I now have a Writer’s Diary for 2016.

This year started out full of promise. My mind focused on my novel. At the beginning, I had my head down and things were going well and then life stepped in.

Life is like that. It likes to remind us we can’t have it all our own way. Our characters are a bit like that too. Just because we’ve created them and given them life it doesn’t mean we get to control them.

A bit like our grown up children too, but that’s another story.

As I get closer to finishing editing my novel, I’ve found that the story I thought I was writing when I set out, isn’t quite the same as my finished novel. I’m beginning to question whether my novel is better for it too.

When do you know that your novel is finish? Is it when you write THE END, and walk away, or is it best to take another look before signing off on it?

I’ve never wanted to rush the end of my novel. When I’m reading a novel and I reach the middle of it, sometimes I can sense when the author has had enough of writing it. Somehow the drive or spirit of the novel has disappeared from the tense, pace, plotline or even the characters as the book reaches that all important climax mile stone.  It might because  the author was under pressure to meet their deadline, or it could be that they lost interest in their characters. It’s too easy to want to get it finished, to move onto something new, or to get your book out there.

If you’ve taken a lot of time hooking the reader it is just as important to let your reader down gently too. The reader has invested a lot of time and energy into reading your work they need to have a satisfying ending. All the questions that you’ve set up in the beginning need to have been answered.

Here comes the problem.

The Crow & the Acorn
The Crow & the Acorn

Have you answered them? Did you plot them out carefully?  Can you even remember every single one?

That’s the thing with writing a novel and going with the flow. You need to make notes as things come to you while you’re busy getting it down as quick as you can.  I open a new document in which I make notes, so I can tick things off as I move my plotline forwards when it comes to editing the work at the end.

The number of time I have to re-read through my novel while editing to check out whether I’ve repeated myself, or I resolved a issue as I moved forward. It only in the last few chapters that the whole book comes together, so I need to get it right and not leave any lose ends.

If I don’t get this right, I’ll worry whether my readers will want, or bother to read my next novel.

Oh hmm, so as this year races toward the end of its life, and my novel moves ever closer to its completion, I hope 2016 will be the year I see my first novel published. Hopefully, the next one will be far easier to write as I’ve mastered the skill of editing from the learning curve I’ve been on this year.

Wishing you all a great week ahead,


Paula R C

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