At the water's edge
At the water’s edge

It is said that a writer must write about what they know, and that inspiration come from everywhere. Well, this morning when my dear friend, Ana and I were out walking when we found ourselves becoming a right pair of Miss Marples.  Though there wasn’t a body in the library, thank God! What we stumbled across was a handbag and two wallets with bankcards, national insurance card and a few other cards in them. Dumped by a bag-snatcher, no doubt.

Being in the middle of nowhere and half-hidden under a thick hedge on the side of a beautiful lake, we only came across them because we had left the footpath and were crawling on our knees, trying to get to the side of the lake we had yet to photograph.

Yes, we are two middle aged & a bit, 🙂 ladies (What is age, but a number)

Me with my writer’s mind worried about missing women, murder and half ‘a’ dozen other storylines, phoned non-urgent police phone line and was told to recover items and take them to nearest police station….On golden lake
The nice lady at the other end of the phone asked if we had touch anything and if need be, to use a tissue. Well, yes I had touched the cards, but to me the most important thing was I had rescued a baby newt & a slug, living in the damp wallet, before filling the handbag with the discarded wallets and cards.

Ana & I decided to leave ‘body’ as it was too big to carry and took god-awful handbag which was a crime to be seen with, and cut our walk short. It ruined my rambler’s cred to be seen carrying a huge red and black leather handbag as we walked back to mine, so I could drive us to the nearest police station.

The policeman at the station said most people would’ve thrown it way.  I’m not sure what he meant by that as we had picked it up. I said, I was worried in case the two women (the names on the cards) had been victims of crime. My friend told the policeman I was a crime writer. He gave me an odd look. The sort of look that said ‘Okay, that explains everything…’ Nod, nod, wink, wink say no more… 🙂

All in the day of a crime writer’s life. I feel another plotline coming on. LOL

Have a great week.


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